A Day with People

A Day with People

2020, Mar 25    

Much of my day today I felt like I was in pretty large groups.

I started with my daily team meeting which is like 30 people.

Then there was a nearly 500 person call.

After that, a different team meeting with 30ish people.

And then a group of friends in three time zones — along with a handful of dogs and children.

So I spent my day with people (not forgetting my amazing partner). Even if we were not speaking in person, I felt very connected today from start to finish. This hasn’t happened every day of the world from home life. But it did today and for that I am grateful.

It was also a reminder of the value we are all looking for in our lives right now. Worth. Meaning. Purpose.

Those don’t go away just because survival feels like the imperative.

Balancing survival of self, survival of those close to us and ensuring our life has meaning. Today I felt like I had that. And for that, I am incredibly thankful.