A New Build

A New Build

2020, Mar 21    

When my partner got a new job, we started talking about some weekend trips this spring. Since we don’t know if that will be possible at this point — and we’re in need of some happiness now — well, we bought some Legos.

So we watched a Star Wars documentary, ate dinner on Star Wars plates and put together Star Wars Legos.

Yea, we’re nerds.

But it was nice how quickly my partner and I fell into a familiar routing of how we divide up the duties of putting together a ship. We have…done this a few times before.

The ship we put together tonight was a Y Wing, so we now have all of the letter ships — A, B, Y, U, and of course an X Wing.

Having a sense of both familiarity and completion during this moment is very comforting.

We have a much, much larger set to work on tomorrow. It’s probably the most excited I’ve been since this all started.