Life and Spring

Life and Spring

2020, Mar 27    

I did my last hour or so of meetings from my porch. It was sunny, it was over 60° out. It was really nice.

And then we took a walk and stretched our legs a bit.

These are mundane things — but they seem so precious right now. And, I shouldn’t forget that there are many people who are not able to enjoy these simple things that are so easy to take for granted.

Along the way, in addition to seeing other people who were enjoying the sun, there were more and more signs of spring — particularly trees and flowers.

In the evening, my neighborhood joined many in NYC in doing a clap for essential workers. The people who are literally making it so the rest of us can eat, get medical care, have basic utilities and more. This clap was far from enough and won’t replace getting employees protective gear, sick leave and a living wage. But it was nice to see some neighbors for a moment and hear the clapping all around us.

We aren’t close to done with this. There are many more deaths ahead of us. But tonight I’m alive. My family is. And that’s enough for now.