Some Flowers to Brighten the Day

Some Flowers to Brighten the Day

2020, Mar 16    

Today felt as heavy as it was hopeful — a feeling I suspect will be common in the weeks ahead.

It felt heavy as we hear more stories of people who have been impacted, either as a result of contracting COVID-19 or the closure of businesses or schools. Two of the interns on my team attend schools that gave students short notice to leave campus. They are both, thankfully, in situations where they were not impacted or could adapt relatively easily. But I know this won’t be every student’s situation.

It felt hopeful because I heard children laughing. During each short walk I went on today, there were children laughing (and parents standing a safe six feet away from each other). It felt hopeful because a coworker shared a photo of fresh flowers and I decided to get some for our apartment and it really does add some joy.

And then it felt heavy because we have an incompetent and selfish person in the White House who has been unable to manage this crisis. It feels heavy because while many government agencies have halted functions, some that can still cause the most damage to people’s lives are continuing.

And then hopeful again when I hear stories of people pulling together to support a neighbor. When I see videos people share of their pets and the other things they are doing to make themselves laugh and bring joy.

Heavy and hopeful. All at once. In repetition. Let’s learn from the heavy and rejoice in the hopeful.