The Smile of a Child

The Smile of a Child

2020, Mar 24    

One of the more joyful parts of so many people joining remote meetings is being able to see children of my colleagues make guest appearances on calls.

Now — before I go any further — I want to make something very clear. Parents are amazing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not having children. But for those who are parenting right now, while also having to work full-time jobs, you are just amazing.

It’s been nice to have the little interruptions of children in meetings. It’s been a reminder that there’s a world of wonder and delight that still exists. It’s been a reminder that some of the problems that I’m stressing about a really not that big. Some of the problems the world is facing right now are enormous. They are life and death on a massive scale.

But there are also little every day problems that, in comparison, don’t seem that important anymore.

It’s causing me to wonder — what have I been holding onto the past few months that I didn’t need to? That the world would have been fine, maybe even better, if I would have spent a bit more time focusing on the things that bring some joy to life?

My partner and I went on a nice long walk when we were done with work tonight. We wanted to make some space between our work day and our evening. On the way home from the park, the neighborhood movie theatre had a sign which reads “Be Excellent to Each Other.”

I hope we all make sure this movie — being excellent to one another — never stops playing.