There's Something Alive in Here

There's Something Alive in Here

2020, Mar 22    

Today, we put together the second Lego set we ordered. This one is much, much bigger than the last and took us a significant part of the day.

It was a fun, relaxing and very enjoyable experience.

And then we started getting the boxes ready to take out for recycling - shortly before our dinner break and about two-thirds of the way through the build.

We had taken all but one box we had forgotten out. We just set it near the front door while we resumed the next bag of Lego pieces. We have a pretty good routine - one of us organizes the pieces and puts them in order, the other builds, and then we switch. We started to get this set of pieces ready when we heard a little rumble coming from near the box.

We turned the TV off, and it got much louder. We were startled. It was too big of a noise to come from a small bug. It would need to be a very large roach or a mouse to make that much noise.

Brian opened the front door. The noise stopped. Both of us were breathing pretty heavy at that moment.

I quickly grabbed the box and moved it outside. I flipped it upside down, and nothing moved. I wiggled it, and still, nothing.

I slowly looked inside, and there it was.

Two pieces of styrofoam that must have jiggled around a bit when we first moved the box to the front door.

Once I allowed myself to laugh a moment, we returned to our Legos, and finished our fairly enjoyable weekend project.