3 Pies for 14 Dollars

3 Pies for 14 Dollars

2020, Mar 14    

It is Pi Day.

This is a good memory day for me. One of the first dates with my partner was on Pi day. We went to the botanical gardens in Omaha and then and endless adventure to find a place that was serving pie. We ended up at a German Bakery — that did not have pie — but by that point we were ready for whatever sweet things they had. Then we put together little mini-legos we bought at the gardens before checking in with friends who had St. Patrick’s Day misadventures planned.

Today certainly involved less moving around, though I did enjoy sitting in some of the little sidewalk parks scattered throughout the neighborhood as I made my way towards Four & Twenty Blackbirds which was serving 3 slices of pie for 14 dollars.

Yes, I know AP Style says you should write out “three” but “three.14” looks silly.

At home, we enjoyed watching the Aeronauts — the beautiful images of the sky were worth it. I also got this site up and running — yay!

After the movie, an episode of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross was on and it was perfectly relaxing and calming. We could all use a little Bob Ross these days.

Photo of Bob Ross holding a paintbrush in front of a landscape painting on a canvas