Too Many French Fries

Too Many French Fries

2020, Mar 18    

I am not great at cooking. My partner is not great at cooking. We had been doing pretty good at meal planning for a few months, but then my partner got a new job and we were starting to adjust our routine.

I want to be very clear here: we have lots of food. What we’re a little iffy on is being able to put various foods together to form a meal.

So tonight for dinner we had the remains of two different kinds of fries that were in our freezer and some fish nuggets. It’s a perfectly fine meal, I just wish we should have had a few more fish nuggets and fewer fries.

Now we did a decent job of preparing — I started getting two of things or a little extra a couple weeks ago. And we’re a household of two.

What concerns me is the stories I’ve heard from friends who work with people at heightened risk of contracting COVID-19, and those in leadership had been dismissive of the health and safety risk until it was too late. Decisions have left front-line staff, those depending on meal programs, students in need of stability and support, and others scrambling.

So here’s to all the people who were asking questions and urging preparations — at the risk of their own health and jobs — before those in charge were willing to look at the risks. There will be countless of these unsung heroes, and your speaking up has saved lives.

Those conversations are incredible frustrating, but on the plus side:

  • I have been able to spend time in my family chat thread or otherwise connect with family back home in Nebraska.
  • I was able to laugh and connect with coworkers through video calls, chats and the phone!
  • A group of friends in four different cities in three different states, nearly 3,000 miles apart were able to connect via video chat.