Two Walks, Two Coffees and an old Friend

Two Walks, Two Coffees and an old Friend

2020, Mar 13    

We had a test-run of remote work earlier this week, but today was the first day of what will be a long couple of weeks of mandatory “social isolation.”

As someone on the more extroverted end of the spectrum, those words are very challenging for me. So here’s what I did before today, did today, and plan to do the next couple weeks to survive.

  • Reached out to friends and family back home. I reminded myself of the people who matter most to me.
  • Prioritized collaborative work. My iPad will be my window to the world. Well, to the world of Zoom at least. I’ve used it for remote meetings a few times, but it is going to get a lot of use in the near future.
  • Took two walking coffee breaks, one in the morning before I really dove into work, and one towards the end of the afternoon when I was starting to loose focus. There were lots of people enjoying a short window of sun and warmth today. It was refreshing.
  • Started building a list of non-work items to spend time on: books, things I want to learn (Lynda via the library), filling out the Census!
  • Bought wine and gin.

Done and done. Onto the weekend.