When the World Gets Cold

When the World Gets Cold

2020, Mar 29    

Rose: What can you say about 7 years of fights and laughter…secrets…cheesecake…

Dorothy: Just that…it’s been very…it was been an experience that I’ll always keep close to my heart. [sobbing] And that these are memories that…I’ll wrap myself in when the world gets cold and I forget that there are people who are warm and loving and…

Yesterday I watched the final episode of the Golden Girls. I started my epic rewatch a little over a year ago when I had a viral infection that kept me more or less in bed for a week. I know this is a big gay cliche, but I find the friendship of those on the show amazingly endearing.

It hit me extra hard because of the line above. This weekend is two years of Brian and I being in New York. Two years of new adventures comes at a time when I have been leaning on my friends and family back home more than at any other time during my life in NYC. I’ve talked with my sister and mom more. I’ve messaged in our family chat more. I’ve had video chats with a group of friends.

Golden Girls is a show I’ve been watching on my own. In the past few weeks, I’ve also been introducing my partner to Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. If Star Trek is the basis for how I think about the world, Buffy is the basis for how I feel about the world. It was a show with characters about my age when it was on. In some interesting ways — I think I am drawn to all of these shows for a similar reason. There’s a group of people who have been drawn together. Some by blood, mostly by choice, and they support each other, challenge each other, hurt each other and forgive each other.

And sometimes, they save the world. Or have cheesecake. Maybe both.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring so I definitely won’t speculate on what the next two years in NYC will bring. But I know that no matter what I have some amazing friends and family — from coast to coast — who will be by my side.